Domestic Violence, Planet Placements, & Closing Pandora’s Box

There are times when I think I should just publish all the half written blog posts. Just put them all together and close the thoughts and send them out there. At least I would be FINISHING something. It is not a secret to myself or those in my life for any period of time that …

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Saying Yes

I spent a lot of time in my life in isolation. In my early years that was because I had no choice. As I got older living in rural Maine i had transportation reasons. Domestic Violence was a reason and of course single motherhood is incredibly lonely much of the time. In college, I was …

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Manifest Destiny

Almost a year ago I did one of the biggest spells of my life. I called in ancestors from my life and the life of the person I was/am in love with. They came. In a powerful wind blowing into my room from the North and East. The tapestries on my wall blew like a …

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