Saying Yes

I spent a lot of time in my life in isolation. In my early years that was because I had no choice. As I got older living in rural Maine i had transportation reasons. Domestic Violence was a reason and of course single motherhood is incredibly lonely much of the time. In college, I was …

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Love & Pyromania—Are They All Cowards?

I have found that every time I've fallen in love it's been deeper, more intense, and better. I love them better as I grow and understand love. The last one, I love him still. My Guy. It hurt so much every time he left me, ran off with another woman, and didn't even consider the …

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30 More Days

When I relapsed I thought, okay, I'm going to accept myself where I am at. It didn't seem possible that I would keep going. I honestly didn't want to try. Then my Elder said I had to do what she said in order to participate in The Yuwipi Ceremony and my brain came back from …

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