The Life Spiral, Full Moon Magick, & My Tarot Journey

At the beginning of 2017 myself and 219 other people lost our jobs due to downsizing.  The reason the downsizing occurred was overspending at the highest levels without any regard for feed back from us minion about how to actually make money in our divisions.  I was shocked and slipped very quickly into a downward …

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Saying Yes

I spent a lot of time in my life in isolation. In my early years that was because I had no choice. As I got older living in rural Maine i had transportation reasons. Domestic Violence was a reason and of course single motherhood is incredibly lonely much of the time. In college, I was …

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Manifest Destiny

Almost a year ago I did one of the biggest spells of my life. I called in ancestors from my life and the life of the person I was/am in love with. They came. In a powerful wind blowing into my room from the North and East. The tapestries on my wall blew like a …

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