My First Street Fair

Today starts my three day weekend working the 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, Arizona. I am so excited, grateful, proud, and nervous. I've never worked a street fair before but I know this is where I am suppose to be in my Soul's Journey. Everything is coming together for me and I fee l …

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I was Raised in a House but Home is Where I got Clean

My N.A. home group is a noon time meeting that happens 6 days a week in the same spot. I first started going there in early 2017 when I was trying to stop myself from relapsing. I had only done meth a few times but I knew in my heart I was addicted. Somehow I …

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Saying Yes

I spent a lot of time in my life in isolation. In my early years that was because I had no choice. As I got older living in rural Maine i had transportation reasons. Domestic Violence was a reason and of course single motherhood is incredibly lonely much of the time. In college, I was …

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