Red Jasper and Archangel Michael

I work graveyard shift, alone, at a convenience store in the hood. As a female that means constant bullshit that men just don't deal with. Not to say they don't take shit, just that they don't take the same kind of shit. On Sunday I got robbed twice, stood between two men who were gonna …

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Shit! I suck at blogging!

I have been writing and that makes me happy. I haven't been writing for this blog though and that is not as happy. It turns out that I have so much to say and just not enough time to also stay on top of my self care. I didn't end up sober. I was sober …

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WTF with Indecision & my Awe Inspired Intro!

I am a sarcastic, foul mouthed, Aquarian who rode a comet called West to this dimension so that i could learn and grow by engaging in cosmic activism on a planet clearly in need. I am a Virgo Rising but don’t let that fool you, I never shut up. Although I have the ego to …

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