About Me

An Experiment in Recovery from Life

Stardust and Moon Shadows is a project I am starting to chronicle my journey into a search for the reason I have gifts that I don’t always use correctly. It is also a place for me to keep myself honest as I battle meth addiction, low self esteem, and a never ending search for a love that I can never quite seem to understand.
I decided that I have to change every thing I have ever done in my life in order to have a chance to survive the disease of addiction. My journey started at the beginning of 2017 but I am just now realizing that I have to get committed to writing, learning the tarot on a deeper level, and having a daily meditation schedule. If I am going to be up for days at a time I guess I should be using my time wisely.
I believe in all kinds of things and I have since I was a kid. I am able to know things and also see things but I was taught, like most of you, never to trust myself. This has led me down a path of extremes to try and reconnect to my body and my spirit. It also led me to addiction and my shadows run many areas of my life. I am deeply interested in Carl Jung and the shadow theories and I believe that he was spot on. I think that aliens are always among us a reason the world has grown so dark and dangerous is the human condition of fearing what we do not understand and not having a willingness to confront our shadows and accept them.
I am trying to learn not to judge anything. I want to retrain my brain to think in terms of how can we help everyone involved in every situation and not determine victims are automatically more injured than perps. This is not a popular way to think and I have no intention of defending myself. If you want to read my blog, watch my page here, and follow all the other stuff that is lovely. If not that is okay too.
This is a spot that I am creating with the intention that others out there like me who are sitting up alone at night scared shitless they will be found out and lose everything have a place to find a friend. I spent the last 18 months of my life afraid the worst would happen to me, without ever realizing that the worst already happened and now I need to recover so I can survive this shit.
I use what I call old magick to work with the multi-verse. I think I am the most closely identified with a sorceress in training those I am not that either. I am just Serastar Moon. A woman showered in star dust and walking in moon shadows.
[the photo is an owl that came to me in January when things were so hard to let me know that aliens are real and that I was going to live through all pain. the owl gave me a moment of protection from the drones that fly my neighborhood and i am eternally grateful for that moment on this dark planet]

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