Red Jasper and Archangel Michael

I work graveyard shift, alone, at a convenience store in the hood. As a female that means constant bullshit that men just don’t deal with. Not to say they don’t take shit, just that they don’t take the same kind of shit.

On Sunday I got robbed twice, stood between two men who were gonna brawl in my store, and dealt w/a young girl who was so high I was jealous and selling her ass for a bag of chips. It was a fucking bad night. Period.

Tonight was suppose to be my day off but I guess I’m not gonna get another one of those for a hot min cause some shit popped off and I think I’m the only 3rd shifter there now. Awesome. So, I got called in.

After the bullshit Sunday I have been really laying down some protection magick as well as some anti-bullshit spells. Tonight before I went in I grabbed my angel necklace and some red jasper. Apparently, those two things plus the shit I’ve been doing at home ate some strong ass shit cause no one fucked w me tonight.

That place was a ghost town for real and I was glad. I’m not a Christian by any means but the archangel Michael has been coming in my life hard. He is a fucking bad ass warrior angel and I know he got appropriated by fucking Christians some I’m taking his ass back.

Actually he trolled me really hard a few weeks back (see my YouTube vid for details) and made me laugh. Since that time he has been w me doing some hard core battling to help me outta this addiction shit. Clearly, protecting me some some assholes too cause I had some serious help through the robberies and all the garbage on Sunday.

So I’m just sayin if you are in some shit get some red jasper and call on the archangel Michael. You will have that “un-fuck-wit-able” aura for real!

Love, Serastar


Author: Serastar Moon

I am a tarot reading addict trying to manage taking myself out of active addiction and into my life's purpose. I am committed to an honest portrayal of my journey no matter how messy it gets.

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